Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whimsical Tulle

 Tulle Skirt- Forever 21 (just got this weekend in the store....I am OBSESSED) (similar), 
Polka Dot Shirt- Forever 21 (similar),
Ruffle Sweater- Forever 21 (can't find anything similar),
Pink Wedges- Steve Madden (from my bestie Elise) (similar)

I have a tulle skirt, but I was coveting the Emeline Anthropologie Tulle Skirt since it came out. I am not a fan of buying things that cost an arm and a leg so I wanted to wait for a deal. Never found it. Booo. Then, I walked into Forever 21 and I pretty jumped for joy and ran to the register before anyone else could see how amazing of a find this skirt was. Here's to my Anthropologie Emeline Tulle Skirt lookalike! I am one happy girl right now! :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

It Works Results and Giveaway!

Ok, I have a really cool product for you to see today! It Works has a slimming body wrap that tightens, tones and firms! They also have other skin care and health supplements,

plus everything is natural, organic and non-GMO.
Amanda and I went to High School together and she was always so sweet and talented. Amanda and her husband tried out It Works! and pardon my pun...it worked!! I wanted to try it out, here are my results:
I started It Works by doing the body wrap on my stomach. It was funky at first because there was so much lotion on the wrap, but I could totally tell it was tightening my stomach! The wrap gives you some instant results after 45 minutes and then continues to work over the next 72 hours. It's not water loss like the expensive salon wraps. These results will stay for 2-6 months, or permanently if you keep up a healthy lifestyle! The next 3 days I drank 72 oz of water each day accompanied with my regular eating and exercise. I was also able to try out the Greens packets. You put this packet of yummy green powder (berry flavor) in a glass of water. Greens detoxify and energize naturally with 38 herbs and superfoods. It made me feel AMAZING! I love, love, love the Greens packets! I had a ton of energy everyday and it made me want to make healthy choices in my eating.

Ok, guys this program is awesome. I don't advertise for things I don't believe in.
I love the results I got and the way I felt afterwards. Contact Amanda to learn more or try it out yourself! 

Amanda & Josh Griffin
(425) 830-2384  &  (360) 720-6278

Enter the giveaway below!

Ok, now it's your turn to try it! 
Amanda wants to give one lucky reader/follower a FREE wrap! Enter the giveaway below! 
 And if you just can't wait, Amanda's running an awesome special right now! 
Contact her for details

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Scalloped Red Skirt

 Scalloped Skirt- eShakti, Striped Shirt- Ralph Lauren (similar),
Striped Shoes- Target, Necklace- J.Crew

I LOVE scallops. They are so girly and make pieces of clothing interesting.
I had my eye on this scalloped skirt forever.
I finally decided I needed it in my life.
I have many ways I would like to style this skirt, but for spring...
Nautical seemed like perfect look with this red scalloped skirt.
EShakti allows you to customize and make clothes better fit you and your lifestyle.
I made this skirt knee length and got it in my regular size and it fits like a glove.

April's Merco Box

The Merco Box...full of surprises! I have never recieved a box full of random things before...especially local things. This was the coolest thing!

How it Works: 
They take Utah's finest local products, package them in their exclusive monthly subscription box and deliver them right to your front door! The coolest part? Every time you purchase a Merco Box, your dollars go right back into the community, supporting jobs and local families in your area. When you shop local, everybody wins.
My favorites in this box? 
The Meals That Transform protein bar and protein powder, the Les Madeleine's Madeleines, and the Downtime Yoga gift card. 
Worth it?
YES! I think it is fun to get surprises in the mailbox. It definitely helps me support my community and I really like that. Plus, I am trying new things that I probably wouldn't otherwise! If you are a Utah local, get yours HERE! Plus, use my coupon code, iheartutah for 25% off

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shorts and Tights

 Lace Shorts- Swell, Blazer- Ralph Lauren Vintage (similar),
Polka Dot Tights- Born Pretty, Burgundy Shoes- Target (similar)

I loved the look of these lace shorts from Swell. I have never done the whole shorts and tights together...but I kinda like it! This weather we have been having in Utah has been so confusing. One day it snows, the next it is sunny and hot, then it pours. I actually have no idea how to dress for this weather. Here is my best attempt at what I would wear on a weird weather day that I am unsure of. This week is my Spring Break, so the weather better cooperate so I can enjoy my break! ;)

Use the special code BWT10 for 10% off at the Born Pretty Store!
They have the best Jewelry and Accessories! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Brooks Brothers Spring Loves

I love Brooks Brothers. 
I am in love with these pieces from their Spring Collection.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vintage Beverly Swimwear Bathing Suit

  Swimsuit- Beverly Swimwear

 It's almost time to get out those Bathing Suits!! 
(as I write this with rain and snow coming down right now...haha!)

This year, I knew I had to get another Beverly Swimwear suit.
I am obsessed with this company!
Beverly designs and makes her own bathing suits. 
She is absolutely amazing!
When I saw this custom vintage navy and white suit, 
I knew it had to be mine.
My cousin Britta is the cute girl in the swimsuit. She totally rocks it!

Check out my other favorite Beverly Swimwear bathing suit here!