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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Who I Aspire to be Like

One thing that has been on my mind the last couple of days, are my Grandparents. I recently was able to attend a family reunion that my mom's parents put on. I feel like the older I get, family gets to be more and more important to me. Back in the day all I wanted to do was hang out with friends and never my family. Life has sure changed. I will take hanging out with my family over friends any day! It's funny what happens to your priorities as you get older, huh?

Onto my point, GRANDPARENTS....especially my amazing Grandmas (sorry Grandpas...I love you too!) I feel like these ladies in general get very little attention from grandkids since they are not always our immediate care takers. I was fortunate enough to be close to mine and now am trying to be close to my husband's. Through getting to know them, I have found these ladies to be the most amazing ladies I have ever known. Each special in their own way. I not only aspire to be like them, but also dress, educate, and love like they do. 

This is my mom's mom. She is beautiful in every way. She was a elementary school teacher just like me. I have aspired to be like her all my life. We were neighbors growing up so I was always around her. She is an amazing piano player, tap dancer, puzzle solver, and is always teaching me lessons in love and kindness.

This is my hubby's Omi. She is one stylish lady! I could spend days talking about how stylish and what a funny lady she is. She puts a smile on everyone's face. She has the cutest german accent and dresses to the nines for any and all occasions. She and I share the same love for Ralph Lauren clothing. She has great taste. :)

This is my dad's mom. She was on of the most bold stylish ladies and it is very apparent in pictures of her and faint memories I still have of her. Anyone that met her, immediately loved her. She took anyone into her beautiful home and made them feel like her own child or long lost friend. Unfortunately, she left this life a little early. I hold onto memories of her reading in her theatric voice the story of Little Red Riding Hood and singing songs to me. I can't wait to see her again in heaven. I think her and I will be best friends up there! :)

This is my husband's grandma on his dad's side. She is one sharp cookie. She graduated High School at 16 and is a connoisseur of the Sciences. My hubby definitely inherited her brain. :) She has been a teacher of many ages and a friend to anyone who might need one in Texas. She is so smart, giving, and one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. I love being around her and learning about anything and everything.

It makes me feel so privileged to know and love these ladies.
How have your grandparents shaped your life?

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Embroidered Dress


 Dress- ASOS (similar, similar), Shoes- Rampage (similar)

Summer is ending and I am not very happy about it. I am starting to say my goodbyes to family members who are leaving me and moving to San Fran and Paris. Take me with you? :)
My brother-in-law Danny just received his Eagle Scout yesterday before they move. Congrats!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Love Cobalt

Love Shirt- Style Lately, Cobalt Damask Skirt- Target (similar),
Cobalt Heels- Forever 21, Necklace- J.Crew

I have been needing a basic t-shirt. I don't really own any. This LOVE shirt is a perfect shirt to just throw on with some pants or a skirt. I tried dressing it up with my favorite Target skirt that I got last year and I love the combination. Oh and don't get me started on THESE shoes! I am obsessed!!! They are from Forever 21, so they are cheap and they are COMFORTABLE and they look so cute! I needed a cobalt color shoe for some of my outfits so this was my find. Hope you are all having a fantastic week.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Preppy Madras

Button Down Madras Dress- Ralph Lauren (similar, similar),
Polo- Ralph Lauren,
Shoes- Ralph Lauren, Belt- Thrifted (similar)

A preppy pattern that I just adore is called Madras. You see the dress I am wearing? That pattern is madras. It's a patchwork of plaids and it is a Prep's staple summer item. I had to pair this dress with other preppy things. My alligator belt is probably my favorite thing about this outfit besides the dress. Some people love madras, some people hate it. What do you think of the pattern? Yay or Nay?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pink Anchors

Blue Striped Shirt- J.Crew (similar), Anchor Skirt- Corilynn, Pink Rainboots- Hunters
Necklace- J.Crew, Pink Belt- J.Crew (similar)

I got to raid my cute friend Katy's closet. Probably my favorite thing in the world to do! I love going into other people's closets and making outfits! SO SO fun! This is what I created. Katy has the most amazing clothes so it wasn't very challenging to make this adorable outfit. I am in love with this anchor skirt of hers with the pink hunter boots. I may have bought some hunter boots right after this photoshoot. Oops! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How To Wear A Kimono

Kimono- Swell
White Dress Swim Suit Cover Up- TJ Maxx (similar, similar)
White Shorts- Tommy Hilfiger

Do you ever want to just try a trend because it looks good on other people? Wow, I had no idea how difficult it would be to try and find things to wear with a kimono. Don't get me wrong, I think this kimono from Swell is the cutest thing, but it was sure hard to find something in my closet to go with it. So I have made a HOW TO WEAR A KIMONO list. Obviously I am not an expert and I only own one kimono. So if you are a frequent kimono wearer speak up and tell us other ways to wear a kimono in the comments below. :)

1. The Kimono is a great alternative to a cardigan, 
vest, or blazer for warmer weather.
Try your kimono on with an outfit you would normally wear with a cardigan, vest, or blazer. See if it works. Sometimes you never know until you try!
2. Kimonos are a statement piece. 
Wearing it with neutral pieces will make it stand out more. That also means minimal jewlery.
3. Play off the theme of the kimono.
For example, if the kimono is bohemian themed like mine kinda was (flowers, wildlife, or lace) go more flowy/boho romantic with your outfit and even add a floppy hat and some sandals! If the kimono is more classic looking go for a chic straight lines black look to make it stand out.
4. Just throw it on!
It's not meant to be a piece of clothing that you looked like you spent a long time getting ready to wear. After all kimonos are kinda like robes. Unfortunately it took me forever to find anything to wear it with, but once I did I realized it was kinda like DUH! It really should not have taken me forever to find an outfit that worked. It's the kimono that does the talking. So back to #3 where it says Kimonos are a statement piece. Oh and of course the can wear it as a robe for getting ready and as a swim suit cover up! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Ralph Lauren London Style

 Dress- Ralph Lauren (similar, similar), Blazer- Nordstrom (similar), Shoes- Ralph Lauren (similar), Scarf- Vintage (similar)

Continuing with my red, white and blue theme. 
I wanted to match my pillow on my bed yesterday.
I have been wanting a union jack pillow for my bed and finally found one at Ross of all places. 
Love it. Not a huge fan of that store though. Do you ever find anything good at Ross?